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Llongyfarchiadau - Cup Final Appointment…

11-04-2018 Hits:98 Refereeing News amster

Llongyfarchiadau - Cup Final Appointments

    Llongyfarchiadau / Congratulations to Dan Barclay and Matt Johnson on being appointed to two national cup finals. They can both be described as the most active members of the Society with... Read more

Cup Final Appointments

03-04-2018 Hits:44 Refereeing News amster

Cup Final Appointments

Society members have been called up to a number of plum appointments - watch this space as the list grows...   SWFA Boys u16 cup semi final Ely Rangers vs Treharris Athletic Western Referee... Read more

Best April Fool Stories - A walk down me…

03-04-2018 Hits:45 Refereeing News amster

Best April Fool Stories - A walk down memory lane...

 April 2011 - Pastures New... After being made redundant from his role with the BBC Ellingham is to take up a role helping to develop the professional referees in the AF-League. The... Read more

January Society Meeting

07-01-2018 Hits:161 Refereeing News amster

January Society Meeting

    A reminder of the first meeting of the New Year will be taking place as outlined below;   Thursday 17th August 2018 7:45pm BBC Club Llandaff Guest Speaker: Rodger Gifford - (Former National Referees Manager,... Read more

Christmas Raffle and FIFA Badge Presenta…

14-12-2017 Hits:525 Refereeing News amster

Christmas Raffle and FIFA Badge Presentation

  The Chairman would like to thank everyone for making the Christmas Raffle a roaring success with over £300 raised from the ticket sales.   The prizes were equally shared out amongst the... Read more

Breaking News - Society member joins FIF…

27-11-2017 Hits:319 Refereeing News amster

Breaking News - Society member joins FIFA Panel

FIFA has revealed the list of officials who will represent Wales on their international and European matches. There is one change to the 2017 list which sees society member John Bryant... Read more

December Member Watch - National Cup App…

25-11-2017 Hits:298 Refereeing News amster

December Member Watch - National Cup Appointments

Welsh Cup Round 3   Well done to all members appointed and proudly representing the Society in this national competition. Games to be played on Sat 2nd December 2017 - 1.30pm/2.30pm with... Read more

More International Appointments

21-10-2017 Hits:344 Refereeing News Harry Hendricks

More International Appointments

BREAKING NEWS - NEWYDDION SY'N TORRI Llongyfarchiadau / Congratulations to Vasilica Valentin CIUPLEA who has been appointed by the UEFA Referees' Committee to officiate in a Futsal Youth Olympic Games qualifying stage... Read more

Futsal Referee Conversion Course

21-10-2017 Hits:265 Refereeing News Harry Hendricks

Futsal Referee Conversion Course

Futsal conversion course is being organised November 7th at the Cardiff City House of sport 2. To register for the course please click here Once the course is satisfactorily completed individuals concerned... Read more

The Referee is wrong....or is he/she?

15-10-2017 Hits:250 Refereeing News amster

The Referee is wrong....or is he/she?

You've heard it before 'Referee you are wrong.....' and even though it may well be the case. The referee applies the Laws within the ‘spirit’ of the game to help... Read more

CRS here to nurture, support & devel…

10-10-2017 Hits:303 Refereeing News Harry Hendricks

CRS here to nurture, support & develop

  I was recently sent a link to a newspaper article about a charity being set up called Ref Support UK. The charity runs a helpline to support and give advice... Read more

Members on International Duty

09-10-2017 Hits:268 Refereeing News Harry Hendricks

Members on International Duty

  Congratulations to Jonathan Bryant and Lewiss Edwards who will be packing their bags this week for an international appointment. UEFA Under 21 European Championship Qualifying - Group 7 Armenia v Austria FFA Academy... Read more

DGSO or Not?

04-10-2017 Hits:309 Refereeing News Harry Hendricks

DGSO or Not?

The Laws of the Game were changed last year regarding the DGSO and the wording made clearer. Where a player commits an offence against an opponent which denies an opponent an... Read more

Members in action

29-09-2017 Hits:310 Refereeing News Harry Hendricks

Members in action

Society members were on international duty last weekend when Wales U16's hosted Gibraltar at Barry Town FC and Spytty Park. It was a great honour and achievement for all involved.... Read more

Monthly Meeting Recap

29-09-2017 Hits:262 Refereeing News Harry Hendricks

Monthly Meeting Recap

September’s Society Meeting   The training part of the meeting was based on the analysis of UEFA Referee Assistance Program (RAP) video clips taken from across the various top leagues in Europe.... Read more

Cup Diary Dates

28-09-2017 Hits:268 Refereeing News Harry Hendricks

Cup Diary Dates

Closing dates well in advance is essential part of being an organised referee. To ensure that you have a good ‘cup run’ here are the conference dates... Read more

Successful Refereeing – 10 Point Plans

21-09-2017 Hits:294 Refereeing News Harry Hendricks

Successful Refereeing – 10 Point Plans

1. Pre-Match Try to start on a positive by meeting with both teams Check their kit colours in case of a possible clash Do your homework to minimise any potential last minute problems Keep... Read more

Get your LOAF!

21-09-2017 Hits:242 Refereeing News Harry Hendricks

Get your LOAF!

As a referee you need to understand the laws of football. IFAB has released updated editions of the Laws of the Game for 2017-2018. Click here to download an electronic copy... Read more

Calling all Students

21-09-2017 Hits:295 Refereeing News Harry Hendricks

Calling all Students

  Croeso i Gymru - Croeso i Gaerdydd Welcome to Wales - Welcome to Cardiff  If you’re new to the area and want to pick up the whistle then Cardiff Referees’ Society is... Read more

International Appointments

21-09-2017 Hits:279 Refereeing News Harry Hendricks

International Appointments

Society members will be in action this weekend as Wales U16's play Gibraltar in a double-header this weekend. Wales Under 16's will the Gibraltarians in Barry and Newport, head of next... Read more

The First And Last Impressions Count!

03-11-2015 Hits:1188 Refereeing News amster

The First And Last Impressions Count!

The first impression is vitally important for referees at all levels of the game. When arriving at a ground first impression can sometimes help to reassure frustrated team officials, pubescent teenagers... Read more

Referee Education: Use of the Whistle - …

28-10-2015 Hits:1385 Refereeing News amster

Referee Education: Use of the Whistle - when it is necessary

  The variety of equipment referees can make use of has become larger and larger over the last couple of years and actually even decades. While things like headsets, spray, goalline... Read more

Howard Webb Reveals His Motivation For B…

12-09-2015 Hits:1513 Refereeing News amster

Howard Webb Reveals His Motivation For Becoming A Referee

The man who is largely regarded as the best referee of his generation is most famous for being the man in the middle of the 2010 World Cup final between... Read more

Psychology for Referees - Performance Ma…

02-08-2015 Hits:1258 Refereeing News amster

Psychology for Referees - Performance Management (1/4): Goal-Setting

Published by Niclas on Sunday, August 02, 2015  http://footballrefereeing.blogspot.com/ One of the focal questions that should drive ambitious referees at all levels is: "How can I become better?" For sure, this question similarly concerns those... Read more

FAI Elite Referee Seminar

26-02-2015 Hits:1076 Refereeing News amster

FAI Elite Referee Seminar

If you're passionate about refereeing you'll appreciate the effort made by all in the video.     Read more

Remembering Great Referees : Clive Thoma…

23-02-2015 Hits:1258 Refereeing News amster

Remembering Great Referees : Clive Thomas

Clive Thomas (Wales) FIFA referees from 1970 to 1981     Clive Thomas (born 22 June 1936) is a Welsh former football referee, who operated in the English Football League and for FIFA during... Read more

The difference between polished and clea…

20-02-2015 Hits:947 Refereeing News amster

The difference between polished and clean

Let me keep this simple: there’s a world of difference between having clean boots and polished boots. And they’re both on another planet when compared to “caked-in” mud boots! I know... Read more