As a referee you need to understand the laws of football. IFAB has released updated editions of the Laws of the Game for 2017-2018. Click here to download an electronic copy that you can take to every game.

Football has 17 laws in the book

  1. The Field of Play
  2. The Ball
  3. The Number of Players
  4. The Players’ Equipment
  5. The Referee
  6. The Assistant Referees
  7. The Duration of the Match
  8. The start and restart of play
  9. Ball in and out of play
  10. The Method of Scoring
  11. Offside
  12. Fouls and Misconduct
  13. Law Free kicks (direct and indirect)
  14. The Penalty Kick
  15. The Throw-in
  16. The Goal Kick
  17. Corner kick
  18. use common sense

“The most important law is not written down – the so-called ‘Law 18’ – and this is about common sense. A referee may have a great knowledge and understanding of the laws, but to apply them in a correct manner is a required skill”, as described by Hugh Dallas, former Scottish international referee and current member of the Uefa Referees Committee.