FIFA has revealed the list of officials who will represent Wales on their international and European matches.

There is one change to the 2017 list which sees society member John Bryant replaces JB Roberts on the Assistant Referees panel.

Chairman Rob had this to say about the news;

"It is certainly fantastic news for John and the society! Having worked with John when he was just starting his career it was always apparent that he had huge potential, with hard work and dedication. I am delighted it has been fulfilled, for any young aspiring official John is an excellent role model of what can be achieved! I wish him a long and successful career in the higher echelons of football"

Current FIFA Panel

Referees: Lee Evans, Bryn Markham Jones, Iwan Griffith, Cheryl Foster   

Assistant Referees: Phil Thomas, Daniel Beckett, Lewiss Edwards, Ian Bird, Gareth Wyn Jones, John Bryant, Laura Griffiths, Rebecca Thomas

Futsal Referees: Valentin Ciuplea, Carl Hughes

Cardiff Society Members