April 2011 - Pastures New... rayEllingham

After being made redundant from his role with the BBC Ellingham is to take up a role helping to develop the professional referees in the AF-League. The 51-year-old former referee was promoted to the FIFA list in 1997 He retired from refereeing in 2005 after clocking up over 450 games and his new role in Afghanistan will certainly provide a new challenge after fulfilling the role of RDO for the South Wales Area

“I will meet with the representatives of the AF-League every Tuesday and then make arrangements to produce training programmes for the referees who meet every Wednesday and Thursday.

“I will then attend matches on both Saturday and Sunday with a view to producing a personal portfolio on each referee to monitor their individual progress. The overall aim is to introduce some of the "natural" qualities displayed by our professional referees.

“I will also be involved in the training of the Referee Instructors within the Afghanistan FA programme to ensure they are at least the standard required to be an FA Tutor (Generic Tutor Trained standard), and my final task is to ensure progress in the field of refereeing.

“As you can see it is a massive task but that is the main reason I accepted the challenge. My contract is until the December of 2012

Ray is leaving with the blessing of the Welsh FA and Referees Manager Rodger Gifford was quoted as saying, it is the measure of the guy that he is prepared to go into a war torn Country for the benefit of Football. 


 April 2015 - BV Hinton Co-ordinator Required....  AF2


CRS are looking for an experienced member to take over from Roger Harpole as BV Hinton Co-ordinator. Roger has decided to step down from the position after 15 years of sterling service.

Roger took up the role after retiring from the Civil Service and unbeknown to most Society members he also took up amateur dramatics. Roger is a leading performer at the Lakeside Amateur Dramatics Troup and has won many prestigious awards.

Roger was recently asked to audition for a BBC period drama and is thought to have landed one of the leading roles.

Society insiders have recently spotted Roger Method acting in a number of bars across the Bay. Apparently he has a very convincing cockney accent and has been telling some fascinating stories about his time during the war.

All society members will no doubt thank Roger for his outstanding service over the years – he will be a massive loss to us all.

However, we do wish him well in his new role. His knowledge on the rules of Income Tax and VAT will certainly help him out with any deals in the future. ‘Long live Hookie Street.’


 April 2015 - Body Camera Trial...  AF3

Body cameras will be used in the Welsh Premier League making it the first league in the world to embrace the technology. The idea to equip the referees with a camera was the brainchild of Ray Ellingham the Welsh IFAB Delegate and Society Chairman. The use of video technology was raised at a recent IFAB meeting in Belfast.

The video footage will be used to create training videos for up and coming referees and to also drive up standards of officiating in the Welsh Premier League.

The device modelled by Cardiff Society's very own Ryan Stewart will be worn in the WPL on April 10th. Ryan will become the first referee in the world to use the body camera during his match at TNS when they take on Aberystwyth Town.

Rodger Gifford the FAW's Referee Manager welcomed the development and said

"Let it be known that Wales has some of the finest referees in the world. The body cameras will only help to improve standards and act as an excellent training tool for the next generation of referees."


 April 2015 - Confucius Clarkie says...  AF1

After dutifully serving the Society and Welsh football for over 30 years Rob has decided to step down and take a more spiritual path to life. For those of you not familiar with the current Chairman he is certainly a well-known figure in the Principality.The former Welsh Premier League linesman and Welsh League referee has officiated at more than 20 internationals and regularly appeared at Ninian Park.

It may come as a surprise to football affectionados that he has decided to walk away from football and commit his life to the teachings of the Dalai Lama as a Buddhist monk. But to those young referee's at the Cardiff City Academy and across the playing fields of South Wales Rob was certainly a teacher of men and a refereeing guru.

Rob has never been shy in making his views known and many have been blessed and enlightened with his pearls of wisdom. The phrase 'Confucius said' would often be replaced with 'Rob Clarke said...' with an equal amount of reverence and authority.

Rob has helped many referees during their darkest hours and the current FAW Referees Manager Mr Ray Ellingham often mentions the 'Rob Clarke affect' in his unpublished autobiography 'Alrite Matey - fancy a Park Run?'